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Friday, August 22, 2014

Adult sofa SL - New heels store and an interview in sexy lingerie

A new store with mesh heels opened just over a month ago in SL named Bushu and already has a couple very nice models with materials enabled textures. I'm posing with Fie on the Chesterfield Sofa
from The Dreamer Creations,
avsitter enabled has a lovely set of cuddles inside it, and 26 couple adult animations.

Anyways, I was intrigued by the new store at slink village so I chatted a bit with the designer of Bushu shoes and he agreed to a short interview :

Interview with new SL designer Bushu:

Justa Destiny: what made you design heels, why not cars or houses for example?

Bushu Shoes (bushushoes): Well, I have no real passion for cars and houses.
Shoes are pretty and to model them is a challenge. I started messing about in SL ages and ages ago, when Big Phil Linden was still King and back then I used to make horrid prim shoes. I kind of left at the height of Sculpties about 4 years ago. Then came back and realized I could make basically anything I desired in mesh. So I am. :)

Justa Destiny: so how much work of learning it took to master your favourite 3d program?
Bushu Shoes (bushushoes): It is an ongoing process. It's like learning a new language. The more you learn, the more you realize there is left to learn. For a good working knowledge I'd say it took me a good six months to wrangle Blender, a year for ZBrush.

Justa Destiny: your store is new, when did you open? and there is quite a bit of models to pick from already :)

bushu Shoes (bushushoes): Yes, I opened just a few weeks ago over at The Deck and SLink West. I actually started modelling for that about three months previous so now I have four models out and a few in the pipeline waiting for final touches. There's so many events nowadays I think I'll spend a lot of time just on those alone!

Justa Destiny: nice! I hope we see regular releases, your shoes are wonderful - any teasers when is next model going to come out?
Bushu Shoes (bushushoes): Im currently finalizing a sweet pair of strappy things and they should be out around mid September, but I have some ready to go in the next 2 weeks also. So maybe 2 weeks, maybe less... :)

Justa Destiny: fantastic, do you have a flickr group for fans to post pictures?
Bushu Shoes (bushushoes): I am just about to set up a group called Bushu Lifestyles, just after we speak. Fans can post their favorite Bushu pics there. It will be interesting to see where my shoes take people.

Justa Destiny: awesome and thank you for your time Bushu :)

Bushu Shoes (bushushoes): is that a pool table?
Justa Destiny: yes, it s an awesome adult pool table lol [check back later for the pool table review]

credits and SL inworld links:

Lingerie set with wowmeh, lolas, phat azz etc appliers from Blacklace :

necklace : MG - Necklace - Disco lover Cross - Choker

NEW : hair from Rowne, model marit

Fie wears lingerie from Blacklace and hair  model A405  from Tram


We are posing on the adult sofa from The Dreamer Creations

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by Justa destiny