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How to setup the Bare hud in SL

You can also check out the video tutorial I linked in my review

                          -= BARE Manual =-
    WARNING: Your achievements and statistics will be RESET upon release.
    BARE site:
    - Note: A Dev HUD (a hud with the version ending with d) is a work in progress HUD that may change
        drastically without having it's version updated. It's recommended to only use these HUDs
        when given to you by a developer (Jas or Dante)

  • § System requirements:

    BARE requires a viewer that supports RLV/a and has it activated.
    If you're using Firestorm, you can find it by in:
        Properties (ctrl+p) -> Firestorm -> General ->
        Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls
    Keep in mind it will require a viewer restart after activation.
    You will also need an #RLV folder to take full advantage of BARE's
    stripping effects. If you don't have a folder in your inventory named #RLV:
        Right click the inventory folder in your inventory and create a new folder.
        Name the new folder: #RLV

  • § Shared folder setup:

    If you have an #RLV folder, the HUD can auto-create some sub-folders for you.
    Should you accept this, the HUD will create 7 sub-folders named something
    like ~BARE_(Slot) and ~BARE_(slot)_Nude. The recommended procedure is to
    copy the clothes you want to be detached during the game, and paste them AS LINKS
    into the ~BARE_(slot) folders depending on the slot. You can do the same with any
    nude things like genitals you would like to be attached when a slot is stripped,
    and paste them into a ~BARE_(slot)_Nude folder.
    - Notes

        * To prevent clutter, you can create a folder directly under #RLV named: BARE
           Then just drop all ~BARE_* folders into it.
        * Any clothing folder can have a _Nude version of it. For example: You can copy
           the ~BARE_Head folder and rename it to ~BARE_Head_Naked if you want something
           to attach when your headgear is removed.
        * You can create a custom named folder (ex. #RLV/BARE/Panda), then click the HUD ->
           config -> Outfit, then enter Panda if you'd rather like to use a structure that you've
           put in the "Panda" folder. Obviously you can name that folder anything you'd like.          
  • § Gameplay
    Click the BATTLE button on the HUD, then Duel. You will be presented with a list of nearby
    BARE players not currently in a battle. Click their name to send an invite.
    The goal of the game is to strip and weaken your enemy. You have 5 cards in the middle
    of the HUD which you can play. The large sphere is the slot you will be attacking, the small
    sphere attached to it is the chain slot. You can chain multiple cards together by following a
    sphere up with it's chain-slot. Ex:
        I have a blue card with a red chain slot and a red card. If I click the blue card first and
        then the red card, I'll create a chain.
    Click the GO button to use your combo. The green bar is your HP, you will lose when it
    runs out. The blue bar is mana. You can use special abilities once you have enough mana.
    - Note: See the website for what abilities do.
    Hitting an armor slot will damage it, and do a little HP damage. Hitting a naked slot will hit HP
    for the full amount.

  • § General Advise
    * Cards at the end of the chain will be more powerful than cards at the start.
    * Stripping an enemy slot will grant an extra round, but you can never go more than 2 rounds
       in a row. So you might want to save an dual armor break or second round armor break.
    * If you can't create a chain with any of your cards, you will receive 10 mana.
    * If you can only create a chain with 2 cards, you get 5 mana.
    * If you don't like certain punishments or adult punishments, you can turn them off on the website.

  • § Plugin API
    BARE lets players customize their experience through the plugin API.

  • § Troubleshooting

    Issue:       Not all animations are showing up.

  1. Make sure both you and your opponent have genitals enabled (config menu or website settings page).
  2. Make sure both you and your opponent have a JasX account. To create one, you can click the BARE Battle button and JasX Register
  3. Most punishments require a clothing slot to be stripped on the defeated player (usually groin) to animate there. So make sure you manage to strip them.
  4. Make sure neither you nor your opponent have blacklisted the punishment or are playing with PG punishments only on the BARE page.

  •     Issue:       I have forgotten my JasX password!
    Solution:   Click battle -> Config -> Reset Pass
  •     Issue:       My clothes aren't attaching or detaching properly.
    Solution:   You probably set up your folders wrong. In firestorm, you can click the RLVa top menu item and click Debug -> Show debug messages. Also make sure folders don't start with "RLV/", which only happens if you try to create the folders without an #RLV folder in your inventory.
                    If your slot folder has "rlv/" in it's name, then you set it up wrong. Slot folders should be named "~Genitals" etc.

  •     Issue:       I'm getting a bunch of messages in chat starting with "@".
    Solution:   Enable RLV. Make sure your viewer supports RLV and see your viewer's manual for info on how to enable it.

  •     Issue:      The HUD is not playing sounds when I attack
    Solution:   Make sure the sim has attached sounds enabled, if not, move to a better sim.