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Sunday, February 17, 2013

a Review of poses for submissive in SL

  I was looking for some nice sub animation (single AO poses) that I could put into a open collar or an animation overrider. Let me tell you it's not an easy task, marketplace is really disapointing, 9 out of ten of items sold there come with years old freebie poses from amethyst or Dari. Nothing against freebies but most of that has been seen and seen times again, and some are mediocre, static poses put in a shitty collar with an outdated script and repackaged on marketplace to be sold again and again (who buys that??)... Also going through the inworld or the marketplace search can be frustrating. Luckily i found a few good places to shop at :

  • Creative insanity animations: has so many AO's sold as single poses, I won't lie they're not mocap latest hit of sl but they do work and some are really decent 
    They sell poses for 40L, beating anything in sl for the price. You can also find a lot of very specific poses that are hard to come by elsewhere, mermaid, petite, demon, fae... Really worth a look, specially if you need something you hard to find elsewhere. Even though the store is a bit of mess and has dozens of vendors, hundred of animations. And they sell the submissive poses for different avatars sizes (so you dont look like you sit in the air or in the ground). 

  • Sylva animations : Another shop that isn't new but still quite impressive, Sylva animations, the store layout is a mess, but then again, the amount of animations they have is incredible. There is literally thousands of them, (for example they sell 12 different nadus) from quite specific dinner or gameplay poses to bdsm, restraint AO animations for cuffs, collars, and bondage. When you tp there, you can check the ground floor there are teleporters to theme rooms. The quality of the poses is fine, could be better and they could put some more work in the lower body movements as these repeat themselves over most kneels. Prices are about 100L~

  • Alterior motions - poses and animation : The best! This store just blew my mind, Aprilmae Devin, the creator imed and tped me after I asked for directions in the open collar chatter group. The shop doesn't look like much, no fancy build, not so much traffic, no groupinviters spam. But.. the animations and poses are just soooo good! by far the best I have seen. The store layout is great, customer support is sweet. Almost everything I have tried there is unique. A lot of TOP quality animated poses for submissive. And a lot of static, very sexy poses that I just can't wait to get for photo shooting outfits. Again the amount of animations they got there is incredible, they also got really sweet poses for doms, subbies and various fetish. Prices are 60L for static poses, 100L for animated ones.

  • Animalive - animations and bdsm furniture: among furniture, on the left side of the main floor they have a few vendors for collars ao and submissive animations, the quality is okay, the price is very good. They also sell fullperm poses that are actually good and kinda unique for only 250L. If you build bdsm toys and want to sell them on the market please do yourself a favour and start to use these for you collars, cuffs, instead of free ones everyone has already and doesn't want to see anymore.

  • Xanimations - collars animations and accessories : smaller than the other shops but the quality is good and poses are new and available for different avatar sizes. It's worth taking a look at the June kneels (quite original set). They also have a vendor with submissive male animations.

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