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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


leather outfit & face mask

When I logged in Second life for the first time years ago, I expected it to be a video game with things to kill and points to collect. Quickly realized it was more of a simulator and the physics were ankward, and server lag could be outrageous, specially on mainland. What kept me playing is the freedom of creation sl gives. This said I lately found this jacket and I strapped myself in leather, put a face mask on (i really like masks hehe) and a helmet for a badass biker look 8)


awesome Race track in Second life

But if I'm dressed as a biker I should have a bike, so I tried this cool freebie bike and tried to ride it in SL. Found it way more fun and less laggy than i expected ;p Specially on USM race track, the sim has low traffic, many excellent themed tracks with lap timers and sim surroundings on each track. They also sell awesome bikes and helmets, customer service is great, I love this place.

(pics are barely edited, so what you see is what you get inworld)

leather outfit and mask SL

leather outfit and mask SL2

leather outfit and mask SL3

style card :

body :

hair - Wasabi Taleen - Wasabi shiki hair on MP
skin - Laq Vilda peach - laq skins slurl 
eyes - FATEeyes - unlimited customisation V2.0 - mesh eyes in second life  
lashes : ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black) 

clothes :

L&B Mesh Leather (Long)- (XXS) Plain Skinny Zip Pants
Razorblade Jacket /// Mercenary Shirt Gift (freebie)
blood : modded SPUNK Cum Body Cover (M/F Top 3) Jacket
facemask : [MC] Half Mask Non RIgged [MESH]-Jet

accesories :

helmet : Urban Speed Motors  [S&M]Inc. - Helmet Cyb:multex
:FORM: Raptor Gloves blk : not on sale anymore
Redemption Pistols Case 4.7 : not on sale anymore
bike : Katana II (freebie) :
racetracks ^^ : Urban Speed Motors :
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by Justa destiny