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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I didn't like the previous ghetto azzes I had seen in sl, never bothered to try a demo and thought little of them in general. Until I ran into the[BANNED] store, and got my hands on one of theirs asses ;)

best Mesh azz in SL

They have many shapes and I found one that isn't GHETTO, the mesh is smooth the shape is hot and support the new higher resolution skins, this makes a big difference for those intimate times ;) (the LL ava is limited to 512x512, mesh ass support twice the size).


my ass : [BANNED] Mesh Booty - Updated Thin Legs or

zebra hoodie : *chronokit* Hoodie01 zebra women

fetishy heels : >.H.C.< QUINN 1.1 or

hair from BOON :

jewelry from Mandala :

How to use SL appliers

The mesh ass has 3 layers and is compatible with Phat azz type of appliers (removed from sale now). The tutorial below explains how to use them on video :

blog head mistress
by Justa destiny